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2021 Exterior Paint Trends

These are the top 8 exterior paint color trends for 2021. Spice up your home with any of these to create a more modern trendy look.

1. All-Black Exteriors

A huge trend we are seeing is the monochromatic facades....all-black exteriors. This trend only started to become popular in the past year. It gives any kind of home that modern look no matter what the style is.

Color Suggestions:


2. White Exterior with Color Doors

Some people love the thought of having a white exterior house but they want to add a little bit of "spice". You can simply find a beautiful inviting color and paint your front door. This is a quick project but allows you to have that white exterior without it being too white.

Exterior Color Suggestions:

Front Door Suggestions:


3. Black Exteriors with Contrasting Door

As we talked about, black exteriors are very much so in. But the all-black look can sometimes be overwhelming for some people. So instead of a black door as well, contrast it. Do a wood door with black exterior paint. This creates a modern and clean feel without it being too dark.

Exterior Color Suggestions:

Front Door Color Suggestions:


4. Two Tone Home Exteriors

This trend is going to be seen in your more ranch, split level homes. This is going to be done with two tones that work good together and contrast enough.

Color Suggestions:



5.Dark Exteriors with Wood

Wood exteriors are a very popular choice especially paired with dark color. It creates a elegant and modern look.

Exterior Color Suggestions:

Wood Color Suggestions:


6. Light Exteriors with Wood

Pairing wood accents with a white exterior is always a great choice. Its a clean look that opens up the house.

Exterior Color Suggestions:

Wood Color Suggestions:


7. Dark Gray Exteriors

Dark gray homes are becoming more frequent. This moody color plays off the black exterior trend but for those who do not want a super dark color.

Color Suggestions:


8. Green Exteriors

Want to try something different? But still want to stay elegant and modern? This moody green trend is for you. It makes a house stand out but also is so beautiful.

Color Suggestions:


As you can see there are so many exterior paint trends, but don't feel like you need to stick with what's in style. Find what makes you happy and do that. This is YOUR home.


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